Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Friday, February 6th, ADP had the pleasure of performing for the second year in a row at the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival. It was the premiere performance of Red Bites for a Rainy Day--our first foray into the world of interactive projections.

Yes, we admit, it was almost insane to travel from New York and London to perform for one night at a relatively small local festival in Phoenix, Arizona. But boy was it worth it! We got a whole week's worth of time, space, and technical resources to finish what we'd been gradually piecing together for the past 4 months or so. Quite the royal treatment!

It was a crazy week--we blew up about 400 white balloons in order to make a kind of textured projection screen out of them. It could have been disasterous--in fact, it almost WAS disasterous. It's incredible how dry and peeled your fingers can get after two days of tying latex knots! But we made it work. It was a good thing too--because it is highly unlikely that we will ever be able to do this again! After four days in the theatre blowing, popping, tying, and lugging balloons 15 at a time in a little wagon and shopping cart (quite funny, really!), we ended up with something like this:

and this...

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